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Thematic Network of Black Holes and Gravitational Waves

The main objective of this project is to study different astrophysical processes involving strong and dynamic gravitational fields, these processes could emit gravitational waves (OG) and electromagnetic waves (EM) which would be detected in terrestrial experiments such as LIGO, VIRGO or KAGRA or future space experiments such as eLISA. In particular, we intend to study processes that involve the modified theories of general relativity or black holes with matter or charge, and compare the waveforms obtained with the signals observed in the OG detectors; the previous with the aim of putting quotas to the alternative theories and / or to the importance of the matter that surrounds the black hole u to a possible remaining load. It should be mentioned that in the future there will be a great impulse in detecting gravitational and electromagnetic signals emitted by astrophysical objects, this with the aim of complementing the physical properties of the OG from the electromagnetic ones. Because we do not have great economic resources to build an antenna like LIGO, we found interesting the creation of prototypes or scale models. These prototypes can serve as laboratory practices for university students, as well as for the contribution in improvements of real experiments built in countries with great economic resources.
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